Power Grid To Go Down

United States, Mexico and Canada, will be shutting down the Power Grid on November 13th, and November 14th, 2013.., so there will be no electric, and food supply and water supply are now in question. Motor vehicle fuel will not be available. Natural gas delivery is also in question.

What kind of nonsense is going on causing a “drill”? It is also questionable, IF, the power grid can be restored, and then, it may take several days to accomplish.



Water. Food. Ammunition.

Will there be:

  • FEMA/Government Take Over?
  • A Massive Round Up?
  • Financial Sell-Out of the Currency?
  • The Southern US Border will be overrun.
  • Will UN or other alien nation troops be brought in to invade?
  • What will happen during those days as telephone and internet will also be down?
  • What will be done that can be concealed by Obama and the government?
  • A gun confiscation?
  • Night of the Long Knives?
  • Genocide in America?
  • Will banks steal money from depositors?

Research this online. THINK, now. Organize groups now, for safety. Make plans around these days and prepare if weather turns bad or, if you or loved one has a medical emergency.


11/03/2013: This article has been receiving considerable amount of views however, the update is not viewed nearly as much, so here is the link, and also read the Comment section, below:  http://brittius.com/2013/10/03/grid-update/

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One Response to Power Grid To Go Down

  1. Brittius says:

    I spoke to four workers from the power company here on Long Island, NY, and none of them even heard of the power grid going down. They were very concerned and had many questions.
    From what I have been able to read at various sources, I posted as UPDATE ON POWER GRID here on this blog. It appears that the drill may possibly be a board game type of drill, but nothing is certain. Recently, the USAF had a missile drill in Colorado that required the GPS to be screwed up and the area of Colorado was the testing area. The technology for guidance was due to those kids that hacked the freighter GPS to misdirect the vessel. Concerns were of similar hacking throwing a launched missile off track or willfully misdirecting it. It was a Good test. The test went perfect and without any reported problems.
    It may be possible that there will be nothing or very little disruption from the November Power Grid test, but just in case, be prepared, anyway. I do not want to give misleading information on a subject so serious, and I do not want anyone to panic. Get ready for a power outage, as you normally do, and have just a bit extra non-perishable food and maybe a case of bottled water or drawn water from the spigot ready. Hopefully, there will be nothing out of the ordinary happening.
    The three sabotage incidents in Arkansas where electric power lines were cut, are willful and deliberate. Somebody committed a criminal act in each of those incidents. That is also reason enough to be ready for whatever disasters happen, either natural or man made. Your best tool is your brain, so keep calm and think.

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