Meanwhile, Less Than 1% Of ObamaCare Website Visitors Sign Up For Coverage

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“Step right up, folks! Get your ObamaCare here! No waiting! Step right up!”

The good news for ObamaCare exchanges: Many of the state websites have been overwhelmed with traffic. The bad news: Less than 1% of the people who have visited the sites have signed up for coverage.

As reported by MailOnline, here’s how some of the numbers have shaken out so far:

  • California, whose federal lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of ObamaCare, registered an estimated .058 of its first day visitors.
  • Connecticut’s site had more than 28,000 visitors and took 167 applications – a rate of .059.
  • New York reported that its site received 30 million visits and that 12,000 business owners and individuals had “shopped for coverage.” If all 12,000 of those “shoppers” purchased health insurance, the state’s rate was a whopping .032.

Yet – during a White House Rose Garden event -  Barack Obama…

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