Tyranny At The World War II Memorial Shutdown: A Symbol of Government Malice

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The mainstream media is in the midst of one of its regular exercises in completely missing a wave of groundswell conservative anger—this time over the closing of the World War II Memorial. It’s as if the entire conservative case against the Obama administration’s incompetence, malice and inefficiency was boiled down to one incident.

1. Government overreach. This was a monument built almost entirely through private donations. Now the government pretends the monument belongs to it—not to the people who donated to build it, the vets whose sacrifice it honors or the families of vets and other citizens who want to use it to teach their kids about courage, honor and sacrifice.

2. Government inefficiency. It doesn’t cost money to keep an open-air memorial open. It costs money to put up barricades. It costs money to man the barricades with security. So now we’re spending money to “save money”? No, the…

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