VIDEO There Is NO Care In ObamaCare

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Every minute ObamaCare Exchanges
David Gregory Presses Nancy Pelosi on Obamacare Promise: ‘Are You Accountable For Saying Something That Turned Out Not to be Correct?’
November 15, 2013 by J. Andrew Peak

The central mythos of the Democrat party is that they alone, care.

They care about the poor. They care about good education. They care about the environment. And on and on. That they care is the structural pillar upon which all else depends.

That Democrats care: is their identity.

Conversely, any who question Democrats, Leftists or Progressives with honest debate, or point out the dismal results regarding their failed policies, are immediately attacked and denounced as uncaring. In the dysfunctional, collective mind of the Left, they alone are the paragons of virtue. They alone, hold a monopoly on caring.

Often, Democrats telegraph their greatest deficiencies by transposing them to others. They project upon their opponents the very thing that often they themselves…

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