WILDLIFE COUNT: DNR Data Shows Species On The Rise

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There is still over a week remaining in Iowa’s bowhunting season.

When hunters return from the field, they’ll bring more than deer with them. They’ll bring valuable information about Iowa’s wildlife populations.

After decades of over-hunting and habitat loss, much of Iowa’s native wildlife has returned.

The Iowa DNR can confirm this thanks in part to its Bowhunter Observation Survey.

“When you’re in a tree, you get to see a lot of wildlife,” says wildlife research supervisor, Willie Suchy.

While spending their hours in tree stands, 100 select bowhunters in each county record what they see

“By looking at that,” Suchy says, “it allows us to survey a lot broader area with a lot more intensity than if we had to do it.”

Adding the survey data to their own, the DNR estimates there are 450,000 white-tailed deer in Iowa.  And consider this: in 1936, conservationists estimated there…

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