‘Duck Dynasty’: Cracker Barrel Reverses Decision to Pull Products

Originally posted on Variety:

Tennesse-based retailer Cracker Barrel did a quick about-face on Sunday and restored “Duck Dynasty”-related products to its shelves, barely two days after pulling some items out of fear of offending customers.

Execs with the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store chain undoubtedly responded to the overwhelming number of critical comments on its Facebook page after it posted a statement Friday explaining that it was yanking some items related to the A&E Network show and from the company run by the Robertson family at the center of the show.

On Sunday, Cracker Barrel, posted another statement on Facebook acknowledging what it described as its “mistake.”

The Cracker Barrel flip-flop is just one example of the polarizing controversy that has raged around the hit reality show ever since patriarch Phil Roberston was quoted in a GQ magazine article making inflammatory statements about homosexuals and other groups.

A&E moved swiftly to suspend Robertson from…

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